Motorcycle Carburetor

Motorcycle Carburetor

Motorcycle Carburetor

Motorcycle carburetors are similar to their automobile carburetor and lawn mower carburetor counterparts. Unlike other versions, motorcycle carburetors can be a bit more difficult to maintain. There are a wide range of problems that can develop if it is neglected or disregarded. The owners should make sure that they have the proper upkeep for motorcycle carburetors, or one might find that a garage mechanic doing a complete overhaul for a carburetor of that specific type will be quite expensive. Despite its demanding properties, they operate roughly the same.

Motorcycle Carburetor Problems

An excess intake of fuel can easily enter the engine from the motorcycle carburetor, which will result in misfires from the motorcycle and unsteady performance. The bowl gasket can also become torn, leaking fuel out. The pilot jet may become dirty and clogged, preventing the motorcycle from idling on the road. If the connection is loose on the carburetor, the engine will operate poorly in general. The fuel petcock may also become obstructed.

Motorcycle Carburetor Cleaning

  • First, after you have separated the carburetor from the frame of the bike, unscrew it completely and disassemble
  • Take out the needle jet, pilot jet and main jet, then dump them into some boiling water
  • When finished, spray a carburetor cleaning solution through them, then use a needle for the small holes. The grime should be loosened enough by then
  • Afterwards, remove the gunk from all of the circuits in the main body of the carburetor by spraying more cleaner into them and wiping down
  • Alternatively, you can dump every disassembled piece into an acidic liquid, such as lemon or lime juice, and boil. This will dissolve pretty much every bit of grime from the entire carburetor

Motorcycle Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Rebuild kits for motorcycle carburetors have new gaskets, jets, and other accessories. You may go this route if you do not wish to bother looking for all of the new pieces individually. Also, this may be good if you need several of your failed parts replaced entirely. As motorcycle carburetors tend to be finicky, it may be a wise investment to keep replacement parts on hand. Get one if you feel you may need it now or at some point in the future.

Motorcycle Carburetor Adjustment

Adjusting your motorcycle carburetor depends on how much air-to-fuel mixture your motorcycle requires to run efficiently. Professionals will measure the carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrocarbon content with a gas analyzer. You can tell if the mixture is too heavy (rich) or too lacking (lean) by studying the spark plugs. If they appear dirty or black, the fuel is too rich. If they are lighter colors, like pencil lead for example, the fuel is too lean. Grayish-brown indicates a good balance, and generally means that the carburetor is performing sufficiently.

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