Carburetor Cleaning

Why and When to Employ Carburetor Cleaning

Carburetor Cleaning

Don't Forget to Clean your Carburetor

In addition to making sure that your carburetor is properly calibrated and aligned, you have to make sure that each piece is outputting optimally, which means keeping them clean and regularly maintained. This applies to any type, whether lawn mower carburetor or motorcycle carburetor.

When you use them, carburetor parts will always get disgusting gunk on them from the gas and the elements inside the engine. This should be done whenever you suspect that your machine is not running as efficiently as it can. If you notice poor fuel efficiency, for example, always check over the carburetor for any potential issues in that regard. The same applies to the other parts too.

Carburetor Cleaning Tools

These are not very advanced. For nooks and crannies, compressed air or wire pieces will work just fine. A cloth should do the trick otherwise. You don’t need advanced equipment for carburetor cleaning. You just have to know how to disassemble and reassemble the pieces when you’re done. You can opt for carburetor cleaning kits, which give you every abrasive needed for this specially-made, but it is up to you whether you choose to go this route. If you do though, always get the ones that cover everything you need to clean, from the tiny holes to the thin edges. Some have carburetor cleaner solvents in the kit, which is quite convenient.

Carburetor Cleaning Prices

Having your carburetor cleaned professionally will run you anywhere from 100 euros to 200 euros, depending on the amount of labor involved and the extent of dirtiness that you have maintained in the engine. Mechanics usually do other things though, as necessary. You can get cleaning kits for 30 euros or less, but these usually come with specialty items intended for the carburetors cleaning process. If you choose against both of these, you could always just go for the cleaner solvent individually and wing it with washcloths and wiring, which would run you about 10-20 euros.

The Carburetor Cleaning Process

Similar to any other method:

  • Disassemble your pieces and spray on the cleaner to each surface, getting the underside first
  • Place something underneath to catch any oil or muck drippings, since it can make a mess
  • Wipe down every component surface you can get do with your cloth, and use either compressed air or metal wire to reach the difficult areas
  • Let everything dry completely before using it in your machine

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